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Gallery | Life Cycles

Life cycles

In some of these sculptures I have included both the appearance of decay (created by burning areas of steel and inducing light oxidisation, which is then sealed), and/or forged flowers, asking the viewer to consider the life cycle of materials, art and nature.

Materials crafted to create art may seem longer lasting than flowers, however this is only because they will outlast a human life span, and so last beyond our primeval ability to comprehend existence beyond our own mortality. While a flower may only last a few days, the plant which produces it can reproduce similar flowers year after year and through its descendants continue indefinitely.

Art cannot recreate itself as nature can; the artist is the beginning and end of the creative impulse and so art has a finite life, which I demonstrate through artificially decaying parts of my work. I hope to encourage the viewer to reflect on the momentary life of human endeavour compared to the endless drive and continuity of nature.